Saturday, July 20, 2019
Westbrook Village was founded in 1982.  For a community that is close to forty years old we can be proud of the way it looks and the opportunities residents have for recreational and enrichment activities. As we enter 2019 we can also be proud of a community that has kept pace with the times and not become dated. Home values have stayed healthy and we are seeing a regular influx of new residents each year, emphasizing that this is still a very satisfying and comfortable place to live.
We have a lot going on as we implement the first stages of our long range plan. We will soon have a greatly upgraded pool at the Lakes and the improvements to the Lakes ballroom will give us a state of the art facility which is fully ADA compliant and flexible in its use. These projects have been expensive, but we had been carefully preserving our cash to be able to make such upgrades in a quality manner. We have not yet been able to do everything that we would have liked in the Lakes ballroom - that will need to come in future phases as we match our expenditures with our resources.

Because of our financial prudence in the past few years we will continue to be in a strong financial position after our current projects are completed. We have a balanced Operating budget for 2019, with a good level of reserves against unknown items such as future storm damage. We are continuing to make contributions to our Preservation Fund at the same level as the recent past and our funding level is consistent with good industry guidelines.

As a Board we would be negligent if we were not looking further ahead. Our experience with the Lakes projects has shown us that upgrading our facilities - essential to maintain our marketability - is expensive. Our Long Range Planning Committee will revise future plans in the light of what we have learned so far, and things may go a little slower as we manage our overall financial position, which we are committed to do.

We will be looking to leverage the Lakes ballroom for rental income at a higher level, and we will be considering fund raising events that will add to the entertainment opportunities available. Longer term we need to consider how we can develop new sources of income, and this includes reviewing the level of our assessments. As you are probably aware our annual assessment increase is limited by the CPI: our costs are not. Westbrook Village is very affordable for our homeowners. It is a veritable bargain when compared with other nearby communities. A modest annual increase beyond the CPI limitation would not change that.

The Board and its committees will be looking at and discussing all options over the coming year. We encourage you to get involved. Offer your input, your suggestions and your help. The meetings are open to all members, so take a little time to come along and be a part of shaping our future.
Peter Atkins, WVA Board President




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